BINGHAMTON NY I went to a church out here because my friend ask me to. The bishop at the church knew my friend & after the introduction the bishop became fond of me and my work experiences and what I could posaibly offer the church. In the end of july going into august was that first meeting before I moved out here on august 16th. I was visiting out here me and my friend had some differences so on the friday August 9th morning To find resolution he called the bishop to ask if he would take me to the bus station the bishop called me also and asks if everything was alight between me and my friend. I had three suitcases, was very angry with my friend and I stormed out the door with all three suitcases and walked a mile to the bus station with three luggages. I purchased my ticket home which goes to syracuse and as im waiting the bishop comes through the doors He's talking to me tryna figure out why I am having an abrubt leave and I told him what was happening between me and my friend. He expressed he wanted to just have a lunch and to come with him we can talk it out. So i put my suitcases in his truck. We went to this highly priced diner not far from the greyhound terminal.(park diner) im still a lil sweaty and tired and we eat. Bishop at this time gets to talking about my friend and his past lovers he has seen my friend with and all this secretive stuff that my friend confided in him since he is the bishop of the church. Bishop knew the situations of his past since he has came to bishop for guidance and bishop told me im not the first person my friend has put out his house and its wrong for him to keep inviting people over and kicking them out so overall im not accepting all the past of my friend anymore and getting quite inquisitive to the bishop he says listen i want you to enjoy yourself and my knee is hurting me and im going to sit in the whirlpool and relax at the gym will you join me they have saunas a steam room and workout equipment? I agree with him. We then go to this store and he purchases me these( IZODE -move ) BOXERS briefs all the while im thinking they are for the whirlpool so im ok with it.we come this destination in what ive learned to be as johnson city the name of the place 'Court Jester ' there he pays ten dollars a piece to get in the place for me and him. We enter thru the arobic area where people are running on treadmills and stair climbing and enter the mens locker room. At this time ive only met this man twice before at the once at the churches barbaque and once at sundays fellowship. Understanding that me and my friend/lover have already established the paternity of our sexual orientation to the bishop prior to me standing there in front of a now completly naked bishop he says 'go ahead get undressed here's a towel' I get undressed and wrap the towel he then says your not afraid of naked men are you. Obviously since he knew my sexual orientation im embarressed so i go to the whirlpool get in all i see are these naked men walking around yand then the bishop comes and sits in the 2ft wide whirlpool with me. Im nervous embaressed and not tryna look at his nakedness. Due to my uncomftorability I go in the shower using naturally what the gym has to offer for soap. Bishop comes out the whirlpool and ask me to follow him. Near the entrance of the mens locker room is another bank of shower stalls and it was closer to where bishop had his locker with belongings and we enter those showers bishop gives me some axe body wash as i washed Bishop larry simpson comes in my shower stall and ask's if he the bishop can wash my back no antennas raised yet I allow bishop larry simpson to was my back. As bishop finished washing my back I turn to rinse the soap off and i didn't even realize the bishop was on his knees it happen so quick, Bishop larry simpson grabbed my penis to give me oral fornication i didn't get hard. I wasnt turned on. I WAS VERY CONFUSED LIKE WHY WOULD THIS MAN FEEL SO TEMPTED Here i am in the midst of a crisis in need of support.He manipulated me for his own sexual advantage. I feel violated . On August 16th that week I moved to binghamton for school so I stay. And I patch things up with my friend out here in binghamton, i couldnt obviously tell him over the phone what took place so he asked me to come. The bishop finds out that I am back and ask's me to do some duties around the church last week while he was gone in harrisburgh pa I felt very uncomftorable being around. That sunday upon his return from PA making it evident that he is jeolous so i ask him if monday he could bring me to my college since i enrolled a few weeks ago my focus has been on getting registered and all the paperwork together he comes at 11 monday and picks me up and suggests if he could take me to a hotel. I tell bishop larry simpson that if he keeps making advances at me i was going to tell my boyfriend I handle my buisness and we leave the college then he pulls in a hotel not to far from the college begging me and i said no. he goes into a rage and tells me he knew me and my friend was gonna get back together and he's sorry but now he knows it's not gonna work and if i tell my friend anything about what happen he is gonna physically harm him. As he is heading back to where I stay in binghamton he pulls over a block before my house like he wants to chat more i jump out the car he calls me drives to me pleading with me to get in the car i keep going. My friend gets a call from the bishop the bishop says for him to go to the church he wants to talk with him its important but my friend had to go to work . Sunday rolls around my friend and I battle about going to church he literally tries to drag me in there and i refused to go I went to the police and was told this considered a sex crime, I was also told by the police that by allowing him to wash my back that gave him permission to sexually assault me. My prayer is for everyone my voice is for those that cant speak up for themselves. I posted this article on Monday morning 8/19 at 4:55 am! I also textd Bishop larry simpson about a link to the raw version of this article he called me at 4:59 am threatening to do bodily harm to me for posting that article. I am strengthened by all things thru christ. I rebuke these mans actions they are not ok. As of now I have recording and text correspondence all through this whole thing. I have support from fellow brothers and sisters and they have been praying for me. Everyone just know I will not allow this demon to break my spirit of seeking Christ!
Due to this whole mess I no longer have a house of the lord I can turn too. On the same day of monday the 26th my friend whom hasnt even had a chance to talk or confront bishop simpson gets phone calls at 5:01 & 5:15 am after the creation of this post from Larry himself they arent answered but suprisingly Larry Simpson leaves voicemails on the voicemails the last voicemail states that " My friend nor I are never to return to new hieghts ministries, if we return there will be legal consequences." . My friend hasnt approached bishop about this issue at all and he has been ostracized from his church of GOD. He trusted that man to trust him not only with me and around me but he trusted the Spiritual Providence of the bishops teaching. All the while my friend is still the silent partner there are so many things that a wrong. Achange is going to come.